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About us- Mark Hayward Personal Trainer, Exeter, Devon

Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

and National Register of Personal Trainers (NRPT)

For your complete confidence you're in safe hands!

WELCOME TO MARK HAYWARD PERSONAL TRAINING, EXETER!                                               BOOT CAMPS | HIIT                                                 

An interview with Mark, click here

I am a Personal Trainer, Cardiac Exercise Specialist and Nutritional Advisor based in Exeter and work all over the South West. I have been training seriously since 1987. During this time I have had many ups and downs some of which you may be able to identify with; slowly gaining weight and then struggling to lose several stone, overtraining, not being able to gain weight then eating way too much- getting fat, spending large amounts of money on supplements that do nothing, becoming obsessive with exercise and diet at the expense of a happy life and many other things you might be able to relate to too!

Personal trainer Exeter, Devon

At 46 years old I understand only too well how the pressures of family life and work can play havoc with your diet and exercise regime! Fat can suddenly appear without warning and won't easily be dislodged, tiredness takes over and motivation wanes. Nagging aches and pains also make a beer or a glass of wine seem more comforting than the gym.

However it can be done and with far less investment in time and effort than most would imagine. For example for the past 10 years I have maintained my body fat between 8-10 %, with no undue hunger, competed in half marathons, competed in powerlifting, all without sacrificing my sanity, plus avoiding injuries.

Over the years I have concluded that consistency, safety and practicality are key for long term health and fitness so they are paramount in my personal training philosophy.

My initial career choice was in engineering and management however I was finding it an unfulfilling career; at the same time I was becoming increasingly dismayed at some of the fallacies, gimmicks and claims being made by the fitness industry; in particular the exploitation of young adults as personal trainers at chain gyms and by some of the training providers, which was leading to poor and often dangerous training advice being dished out, leading to gym goers becoming confused, injured and making little progress.

So I decided to become a personal trainer and make passion for fitness my career by helping guide others through the minefield that is the fitness, diet and supplement industry. Armed with 25 years of hands on experience, thousands of hours of research, trial and error, collation of data from hundreds of exercising individuals and a formal education.

There are literally thousands and thousands of personal trainers around, so choosing the right one can seem a little daunting. Most seem to be 19 year olds, who will proudly introduce themselves as ' hi I'm such and such and I'm a personal trainer'. The truth is all they have done is have their parents pay for a 2 month course with Premier Training, or some such. Is 2 months really enough? I don't think so and I'm sure you don't either. Sure this will have taught them the basics but at the end of the day experience is what counts and can't be bought.

Qualifications (certificates available on request):

REPs no. R0048898
• Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructor (REPs Level 4- make sure your trainer is this highest level!) (Passed with 98%)
• Personal Trainer (REPs level 3)
• Advanced Instructor (REPs Level 3)
• Applied Nutrition (REPs Level 3)
• Ante and Post Natal (Future Fit)
• Pre and Post Natal Exercise (Active IQ Level 3)
• Psychology and Change (Future Fit)
• GP and Exercise Referral (REPs Level 3)
• Nutrition and Weight Management (Future Fit)
• Mat Pilates Fundamental (Skills Active Level 2)
• Gym Instructor (REPs Level 2)
• Torso Training (Future Fit)
• Core Stability (Future Fit)
• Circuit Instructor (Future Fit)
• Anatomy and Physiology (Future Fit)
• Advanced Resistance Training- Assessing Muscular Fitness
• Advanced Resistance Training- Technique
• Advanced Resistance Training- Exercise Prescription
• Childhood Obesity and Nutrition
• I am currently working towards- Kettle Bell Training x2

But ultimately I have been there and done it; after all these years I still enjoy traning, and my life is dedicated to helping others to help themselves- educating as well as training and motivating, ultimately guiding them through the minefield that is the fitness industry and getting them the best results they possibly can, safely and in the shortest time.

Why Should I Want a Personal Trainer?

• You'd pay £30 a week for a night out or a meal- please don't doubt you'd want to spend this on looking great and getting fit; it makes little sense.

• Because you can get the results you want in a fraction of the time and for the same money you'd pay out for a year's membership at the gym.

• Your long term health is precious- heart disease, diabetes and cancer are all linked to poor fitness and excess fat; this is where most people have their priorities wrong- one session a week could greatly reduce your risk, plus the healthy eating advice you gain will make a big difference!

• Gyms rip you off big time. They just want numbers through the door, most people end up paying even when they don't go (they call these their ideal members!)- cancel and they will try to charge you. Does that sound like they are looking after your best interests or theirs?

• The staff they employ to help you are on a minimum wage- they really want quality for you don't they?!!! The best staff will just leave.

• Also to lose weight or gain muscle you have to train hard and I mean very hard- cross trainers and cycling will just not cut it- you simply have to run or jog or power walk outside for fat loss- I have trained people both in the gym and out and have seen this happen over and over again.

• Most people find it hard to push themselves like they need to- you either find a committed very hard working training partner- very hard to find- or a personal trainer who knows what they are doing.

• The cost of a trainer- who will show you how to train hard and what you are capable of, for even just a couple of months, will be what you'd pay for a years gym membership- you won't ever need to set foot in a gym again if you don't want to with the knowledge you will learn from me.

• I only train committed people with a hard work ethic- don't waste my time by getting in touch if you have neither of these qualities- if you are one of the few who do have them, then you can look forward to celebrating your new look and fitness in no time at all!!


Each personal training session comes with the complimentary:


Free Group PT sessions

Diet plans (low carb and low calorie)

Plus a nutrition manual featuring an advanced weight loss diet

Plus a manual on how to safely boost your metabolism!

The deal:

• I am committed to getting lasting results for my clients, using a sensible, no-nonsense approach, to educate on matters of exercise and nutrition, inspire and motivate and above all practice safe exercise technique.

• Sessions take place either at your home, outside in a park (now very popular!) or open space or gym- I am based in Exeter and cover the whole of Devon. All sessions booked enable you to attend my Saturday morning Group Personal Training "Circuits in the Park" for free!

• The workouts I use are a combination of cardio-vascular exercise and resistance work; they are very intense- depending on your fitness level- no messing around with gimmicks, back to basics- no minute is wasted, giving you the best value for money around.


• I use many different methods- according to fitness levels: whether what you want is weight loss, toning, muscle gain or rehabilitation- and many varied types of training, a few examples of which are- concept 2 rowing machine model E, running, power walking, stepping, bands, kettlebells, dumbells, fit balls and boxing pad work.

• Personal training workouts that take a boot camp format are very popular- sprinting, lunges, dips, abs , press ups, tabata squats etc. They are hard work but get results quick.

• My home gym has olympic weights up to 300 kg as well as dumbells up to 90 kg, enough to challenge most lifters! I get many people wanting to improve their squat, bench press and deadlift who find the 1-2-1 training extremely helpful, if intense sometimes!

Fit Over 40

I have so many enquiries from over 40's, in particular women, I have created workouts aimed specifically at this age group (one at which weight loss can seem very stubborn sometimes!).

These metabolic boosting workouts can shed the pounds in no time!

Cardiac Rehabilitation

I am a member of the British Association For Cardiac Rehabilitation (BACR). This means I have been trained and assessed by cardiac doctors, who have deemed me competent in prescribing exercise for anyone who has had coronary heart disease.

Everyone is screened pre-workout and monitored through out, all according to the guidelines laid down by the doctors at the BACR.

Seeing heart patients improving and getting back to good health has been the most rewarding part of my career so far; so many must be the most dedicated determined people around, and are a huge inspiration to all who encounter them, me included!
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