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Barbell curl- Exeter, Devon

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Area worked- Front of upper arm

Muscle worked- Bicep brachii

How to Perform safely

This popular exercise will strengthen and help develop the front of your upper arm

Adopt a neutral spine position throughout. Make sure the elbows and knees are off lock.
In this standing position inhale and at the same time bring your lower arms towards your upper arms (elbow flexion) Make sure the upper arms remain stationary and the elbows close to the body throughout the movement and the wrists rigid.
At the top of the movement, when the arms cannot flex any further, begin to exhale and slowly return the bar in a continuous movement to the starting position.

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Teaching Points

• Make sure you are working your whole body not just arms!
• Do not do half reps and wonder why your arms look like pipecleaners
• Do not allow the elbows to drift away from your side
• Breathe in on the upward part, out on the down part
• Don't lean back or forward, there is a place for cheat reps, but only for an experienced lifter.
• You should feel the bicep brachii working
• 6-8 reps are good for biceps with some higher reps thrown in too

Progressions and Alternatives

• Dumbell curl
• Close grip chins
• EZ bar curl
• Concentration curl
• A good starting point for a beginner is 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions. When you can do 8 repetitions try to get 10. Increase the weight when 10 repetitions become easy, so 8 only are possible.
Leave 2 minutes between sets, in the beginning; reduce to 1 minute as fitness improves, but still aim for 8-10 repetitions.
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