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How many people do you come into contact with everyday who have a negative attitude about things in general? When I worked at a gym I saw these attitudes everyday. I'm sure that even if you do not encounter these people on a daily basis you will know the type.

Some people seem to chose the worst outcome for a situation and then dwell on it. You don't dare ask them how they are as they will tell you and it is rarely good. They moan about their job, relationships, money yet do nothing about it. You can bet if you didn't see them for a few years, then dropped by, they would still be in the same situation and not have a good word to say. They truly are life's losers.

One thing I believe strongly in is self fulfilling prophecies. Talk about failure and you will fail.
This doesn't mean you have to be bouncing around with a permanent smile (the people who do this have far more serious underlying problems), just look at the good in a situation, make those who you encounter feel positive about themselves- they don't want to hear you talk about your woes and worst thing of all blame them on someone else.

Take responsibility for your own actions; dwelling on the positive is the one sure way to take charge of your destiny and make things happen for you. Be a winner!ter,

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