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Start your day wth a workout

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Why You Need to Start Your Day With A Workout

People often schedule workouts when it's convenient for them, or when they feel like it. We all have busy schedules and sometimes it's hard to make exercise a priority. However, starting your day with some kind of physical activity has been shown to have enormous benefits, allowing you to start your day off on the right foot and improve productivity overall.

A Good Start

The way you start your day definitely has an impact on the rest of the day's productivity and general level of activity. Being productive from the moment you wake up gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment and inspires you to continue your day on the same level.

Adding fitness into the morning equation is a great way to boost self-confidence and relieve stress right at the beginning of the day. Morning fitness starts you off with that sense of accomplishment and productivity that you need to continue making your day amazing. When you feel good about how you're starting the day, this will translate straight into the rest of your day.

As body temperature is lower in the morning, remember to allow more warm-up time than usual to avoid injuries or excessive strain.

Morning Workouts Foster Consistency

If you usually have trouble keeping your exercise regime constant, experts tell us that morning may be the best exercise time. In fact, research suggests that people who work out in the morning tend to develop the habit more easily and tend to stick to it. Postponing exercise to later in the day means that other aspects of life get in the way and exercise will be left out.

Furthermore, morning exercise has many other benefits, such as lowering your blood pressure and helping you get a good night's sleep.

On average, it takes 66 days to establish a habit, so make sure to stick to your fitness regime for at least that amount of time. It will become a natural addition to your schedule in no time!

Quick and Easy Does It

Short and easy workouts are the best way to create a lasting exercise habit, as they are quick enough to be done every day but intense enough to make you actually feel that workout and reap its benefits. Individual preferences come into play here, and everyone is free to interpret this differently. For some, the ideal workout could be a short run in the morning. For others, it could be stretching or a quick yoga routine to stimulate energy. In any case, it should be something that allows you to feel proud of yourself for getting out of bed and exercising.

As you can see, working out in the morning doesn't have to be gruelling. Just get moving and do something you enjoy; you will soon start to see the benefits of working out in the morning.

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