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Mark Hayward Personal Trainer, Exeter, Devon 2016

Don't abandon your ship

You could say that a cruise ship carries peoples dreams. Dreams of exotic ports, beautiful scenery and topical climates.

But have you stopped to think about the ship that carries your dreams? What I am getting at is you being the captain of your own ship of dreams. Whether that may be your fitness goals, career goals, relationship goals or financial goal- you are the captain of the ship as though to speak.

We don't start off at the helm of the biggest ship in the fleet, it is usually a small boat that contains our small dreams and goals.

The goal could be to go on a diet and to become more aware of what you eat, to feel healthier. Once you have cast off, your boat is now ready to take you on your path to better health and fitness.
You can enjoy and be motivated by your achievements such as eating healthier and watching the things you eat.

To keep your progress going you will face the challenge of committing yourself to working out. You've decided to take your boat- your body- out of the port, out of the comfort zone and follow an exercise programme designed for you.

As you experience the success with your exercise routine you wish you had done it years ago. It really is never too late to start! You look and feel better and people are noticing.

You reach the point where you wonder if you can finally make the total commitment to the health and fitness lifestyle that always seemed just out of your reach. That could be getting back to the weight you were 10 years ago or toning up your stomach, thighs and arms.

Now you are the captain of a bigger ship you realise it will take more time and effort to reach your bigger goals.

Big goals and commitments aren't usually the quickest to achieve, but they are worth the effort it takes to get there. And you will most likely want support- your crew- to help you on your journey.
This could be friends, family, work colleagues, whoever you feel most comfortable with to help support you.

You have always had the big dreams, its just you didn't realise you had it in you to achieve them until you began to take charge of your life. You now know that success is going to be a big part of your life.
Having a support network will help you reach the new heights much faster. You even want to share your success with them and help them do the same.

Then something strange happens. Some of your crew, the ones you thought would be there for you whatever begin to abandon ship.

Unfortunately many people do not realise what it is to have a dream and be committed to something, let alone how to go about it. For most getting in shape is something other people do. They just don't realise the huge benefits to be found in being fit and healthy and looking good.

Fortunately you do. And are now finding that out for yourself. It can seem lonely when you think no one is behind you anymore. This is the hardest part and what separates the winners from the losers. You don't quit.

You say to yourself "It doesn't matter anymore what others think or say, I want this to happen in my life- and it will!" So you set out and guide your ship to its final destination. You arrive and reap all the awards. It's what you thought it would be and much more!

As you reach your destination, you notice something. It's your crew. All those who said you couldn't do it, tried to sabotage your efforts or even said you looked better when you were bigger. All those who abandoned ship. They are here and want to celebrate with you!

Only you know that you would not get to where you are without a powerful self belief and the realisation it is YOUR life and only YOU can do it. No more excuses!

It may not have been easy sailing your ship but you were never for one moment going to abandon it!

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