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Dumbell row- Personal training, Exeter

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Area worked- Mid to upper back and the front of the upper arm

Muscles used- Latissimus dorsi, trapezius and biceps

How to perform safely

An easy exercise to perform for upper back strength and development.
Place a knee on a bench, the other leg on the side, feet flat on the ground.
Place the arm on the bench side on the bench, have your hand directly below the shoulder, elbow slightly unlocked.
Keep you torso parallel to the ground, spine neutral. Hold a dumbell in your non-supporting arm using a closed (neutral) grip.
The dumbell should be directly hanging under your shoulder arm straight. Your shoulders should be evenly lined up and not above or below your supporting arm.
Inhale and flex you elbow so the dumbell rises to the chest, your elbow should extend beyond your body.
Exhale and lower the dumbell back down under control by extending your arm.

Personal training, Exeter, Devon

Teaching points

• Spine in neutral
• Elbows non-locked
• Look downwards
• Keep your hand in-line with your shoulders
• Control the movements
• Keep hips level
• Do not flex or hyperextend your back


• Barbell row
• Pendlay row
• T-bar row

Please replace the dumbells if you are training at a commercial gym.

This is plain dangerous as well as lazy

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