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Good food shopping | Aylesbury, Bucks

Weight loss

Many people who exercise hard fail to lose the weight they want to simply because of such things as 'hidden' bad foods.

To keep you on the right track I have outlined 7 of these.

7. Fruit Juice and Fizzy Drinks

Fruit juice and fizzy drinks contain simple carbs or sugars. Some contain as much as 12 teaspoons per can. Even diet fizzy drinks can damage your teeth and gums due to the phosphoric acid they contain.
Sugar will spike your insulin levels, causing your fat cells to expand. Avoid these where ever possible.

6. Alcohol

You knew this one would be on the list. Red wine may be good in moderation, but who drinks in moderation?
Alcohol contains 7 calories/gramme- fat contains 9 calories/gramme, carbs and protein only contain 4 each. Hence why the beer belly exists.
These are empty calories too, meaning they are just used to store fat and little else. So avoid the six-pack to get a six-pack.

5. Breakfast Cereal

Yes these claim to be low in fat and good for you, but in fact most are packed with sugar.
They are also very highly processed, the carbohydrates will be very high on the glycemic index, meaning they will cause an insulin spike- storing fat and then leaving you hungry.

4. Bread

White bread in particular is a refined carbohydrate, meaning they will cause fat gain faster than anything else. If you eat these, including bagels and bread rolls, daily you will have trouble losing weight and you may even start gaining some back. I have seen this happen numerous times with clients- the odd one or two are ok but stay away for the most part!

3. Margarine

All margarine contains trans fatty acids- these are even worse than saturated fats at causing heart disease and diabetes. As well as this they will cause you to retain weight when dieting.
Margarine is not better than butter- stay away from both of them to reach you weight loss goals.

2. High-Fat and Sugary Dairy Products

Full fat milk contains saturated fat- you want to avoid this for both your cardiovascular health and if you want to lose weight. This will include cheese and some yogurts.
Many low fat yogurts also contain table sugar- again these will play havoc with your insulin levels and cause fat storage and retention.

1. Low Fat 'Healthy' Eating Products

While many of these items are low in fat they normally contain often substantial quantities of sugar and we know what that does to you. Don't get me wrong, not all these products are bad for dieting, but please read the labels before you by them and avoid the ones with added sucrose, fructose, dextrose and malto-dextrin for best results.

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