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Hamstring curl- fitness Exeter

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Area Worked

• Back of upper leg

Muscles Worked

• Hamstrings

How To Perform Safely

Most gyms have a leg curl machine and it is the easiest way to isolate the hamstrings and targetting the back of the upper leg

• Take a forward facing seated position.
• Adjust the seat so your knees are in line with the pivot point
• Place both legs on the roller pad, so the ankle is resting on it but not the foot.

• Flex your knee- bring your heels downwards in an arc until at least a 90 degree angle is reached at the knee joint.
• Move the weight as quickly as you can
• Feel the muscle contract, then return to the start position, resisting the weight on the way up

Personal trainer Aylesbury

• Keep the whole body facing forwards, looking straight ahead
• Use a smooth controlled movement
• Stop immediately if discomfort in the knees is felt
• Perform 6-8 repetitions for size and strength, go higher- up to 20 for toning


• Lying leg curl
• Glute ham raises

Increase weight or repetitions where possible
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