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Happy clients Exeter, Devon


Update 2017 " Thanks Mark for sticking with me for the past 4 years! Without you I would be a couch potato! I applaud your professionalism, patience and lovely nature. Heres to another 4 years!"


"Boy was I lucky when I came across Mark on the internet. I had been searching for a Personal Trainer for a few years and not found any that I felt either comfortable with or I felt were suitably qualified. In just 5 weeks training with Mark my body has changed shape from a frumpy fatty to slender and curvaceous. I weighed up the options of either using Mark a couple of times a week and slowly getting fit and losing weight to all out going for it. Well I wanted quick results as I have a big trekking trip planned and no where near fit so I have seen Mark every week day morning for one hour for about 5 weeks now and cannot believe the results. Mark really knows his stuff! I feel so relaxed with Mark, he put me at ease very soon and I trust him 110% in all ways. He is calm, patient and very encouraging with an easy smile. I intend to keep seeing Mark twice a week after my trip to keep me fit and on the right path as no way would I go to the boring gym! If you are serious about getting fit or/and losing weight you would be hard pushed to find a better way than use Mark. Thanks Mark for your patience and perseverance with me - you are brilliant!"

Marie Irvine, Exeter

Great trainer, thank you for giving me the focus and training I needed to proceed . ;)

Carolyn Bourne, Dawlish (contact details available on request)

Update 2016!!

"Mark has helped me with overall fitness training and post-op rehab for the past
3 years and thanks to him, I feel as fit now as I did when I was in my
mid-thirties (a long time ago!). He will always encourage, not discourage. I
can highly recommend him, whether you are senior or junior, in good shape or not
such good shape, to help us feel better. Thank you Mark."

"I contacted Mark in October 2011 as I needed help with an exercise programme
following a fractured knee. He is always very encouraging and polite, as well
as being considerate. In November 2012 I had a total knee replacement and we
continue with a rehab programme following that operation. He gives me
confidence and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone over 60 (!)for a
fittening and maintenance programme. Thank you Mark!"

Gaynor, 65, Exeter

Lost 3 stone 8 lbs in 5 months. Two months later now at target weight.
Gaynor also has now come off her blood pressure medication.

All achieved with moderate exercise and sensible eating- no fad diets or going hungry!


3 stone 8 lbs lost!!

Gini 59, Exeter (contact details available on request)

"I have worked with Mark for six months on a personal training programme to improve my fitness and lose weight. With Mark's encouragement and expertise I have fulfilled both these goals. Throughout the programme, Mark has been extremely professional and thorough in his design and delivery of a tailor-made fitness regime; his quiet manner and consistent encouragement have enabled me to make progress without being overfaced - gentle persuasion to do just that 'little bit more' has been very effective. I would recommend Mark for his extensive knowledge of his subject and his ability to deliver a personalised programme effectively and sensitively - he is very professional in all aspects of his work." Update: 2 stone lost

Thank you for helping me get through the GWR 2013. Even when I felt I was having a really bad training day you were always supportive, encouraging and honest and I wouldn't have made it without your help :)

Becky 29, Exeter (contact details available on request)

"I've gone from a size 10 to size 8 in just 3 short weeks- I am seeing Mark twice a week and he has written a programme for me to do on my own at home for my other training days. It has been really hard work but I am absolutely amazed at the results I have got! Mark's positive thinking, never give up attitude has helped no end too!"

Veronica 61, Exeter

"I contacted Mark after (to my horror!) getting up to 15 stone, trying to lose weight and failing every time over a whole 18 months! I have arthritis which caused me to gain the weight in the first place and find it very difficult to exercise. Mark showed me how to work around my problems and exercise safely. We started of gently and before I knew it I was exercising harder than I had ever thought I could and my weight started steadily coming off at long last. He also helped me by writing out a diet plan to follow and was very patient and encouraging! Now I am 3 stone lighter, fit, have a new zest for life and am thoroughly enjoying my retirement. Thank you so much Mark"

Sarah, Crediton (contact details available on request)

"Mark strikes an effective balance between being encouraging, friendly and supportive while at the same time challenging you to go the extra mile. He's bright at 7am, he'll have you loving jogging, and before you know it you will be lighter and fitter than you ever imagined!"

Lorrie 30, Exeter (contact details available on request)

"When I started training with Mark I really didn't know what to expect. He had explained what we were going to do but I was still quite nervous. I was working out twice a week but really wanted a couple of tough session to compliment what I was doing in the gym- someone to push me. I'll admit the sessions with Mark aren't easy but I feel fantastic afterwards! I love how I now look and have so much more energy. We train straight after work at a park nearby so it's really convenient for me. Mark is great for motivation and positive thinking and my outlook life has improved no end"

Estelle Merrington, Exmouth

"I have booked 10 sessions with Mark and am absolutely delighted with the results- I am back down to a size 10 again! Mark's knowledge is immense and he knows how to structure sessions to get the most out them- subtly progressing each week and I soon reached a fitness level I never thought possible. His nutritional knowledge is also second to none. Definitely recommended- I hated exercising and if he can achieve these results with me then he can with anyone!"

Damien Forde, Newton Abbot (contact details available on request)

"I've always wanted to build up and get a sixpack- after 3 months of training at Mark's home gym I have gained around 12 pounds of muscle and am down from 16% body fat to 10% and can see my abs for the first time ever!
What makes Mark good is that he knows not just his fitness and fat loss but that he has an extensive bodybuilding knowledge too- I don't think there is anything he doesn't know!
I have a family history of early heart attacks and the fact he is a cardiac exercise specialist too has made me feel I am in safe hands!"

Jo, Crediton (contact details available on request)

"I have been slim all my life but wanted to try something new to tone up my arms and just get a bit fitter. After only 6 weeks of high intensity training with Mark I noticed a huge improvement in muscle definition and endurance. I was really thinking I couldn't change anymore and was stuck with how I look! When I used to exercise at the gym before I found it so hard to get motivated- it has been so worth training with Mark- exercising on my own doesn't even come close. I feel fantastic and love all the compliments I'm getting!"

Helen Webb 55, Exeter

"Mark was recommended to me by my physiotherapist to continue with my treatment for a long term shoulder problem. I was in a lot of pain before my physio sessions and wanted to keep up the treatment as well as getting fitter. After a couple of months I am now pain free and can run a mile- something I thought I would never be able to do. I have also lost just over a stone and feel 20 years younger. Thank you!"

John 63, Bucks (contact details available on request)

"I had a heart attack 3 months before I met Mark. Prior to this I had been at the hospital having the follow up exercise programme for 6 weeks then I was out on my own. I was very worried about exercising at the gym on my own but fortunately I had Mark on hand to guide me through things and monitor my health and progress.
He was very careful to make sure I stayed at the target heart rate he gave me and always screened me before the workouts to make sure I was up to it that day!
He is far more than a personal trainer- he has extensive medical knowledge too and was able to reassure me on cardiac matters or suggest getting a medical assessment when he felt I needed to. Also I was often tempted to push too hard- that is one thing that makes him special- he will ALWAYS put safety first and told me to hold back when needed.
Mark says- Thank you John it was a pleasure to watch you getting back to good health; your determination should serve as an inspiration to everyone- I know it has me!"

Tasha 28, Bucks

"Mark helped me change my shape in only 30 days! I have lost over 15 lbs, 3 inches from my waist and 2 inches off my thighs plus inches everywhere!
Mark made a dietary analysis for me too which helped me pinpoint exactly where I was going wrong with my diet.
I have been going to the gym for over a year, but got nowhere near the kind of results I have with mark. If you stick with his programme you will get results too but you have to follow his advice and work hard, very hard! Excellent for the metal too- I have never felt so inspired."

Mukesh 40, Bucks

"I am down to 12 st 3 lbs, that's almost 6 lbs lost in the just 10 days! Amazing- I have tried going to the gym, nothing has worked like this to shed the last few pounds!
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