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Area Worked

• Side of shoulders

Muscles Worked

• Medial deltoids

How To Perform Safely

A good exercise to isolate the side of the shoulders, toning or giving you an all important v-shape!

• Hold the dumbells in front of your hips with a neutral (inverted) closed grip.
• With feet hip width apart.
• Elbows slightly bent.

• Inhale and raise you arms so that your hand is shoulder height (shoulder abduction)
• The little finger slightly higher than the index finger palms towards the floor.
• The elbows should be locked throughout.
• Exhale and lower (adduct the shoulder) back to the start position under control
• Keep spine straight
• Always control the movement
• Move weight quickly on the upward part, slower downwards
• Pause momentarily at the top.
• Keep torso still.
• Look straight ahead.
• The movement should be similar to pouring water out of a jug.


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