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Price list

Please scroll down the page for a full price list. Full insurance.
All certificates and an up-to-date Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check are available on request.

"Elite trainer, sensible prices"

Emilia, Exeter


Why Should I Want a Personal Trainer?

• You'd pay £30 a week for a night out or a meal- please don't doubt you'd want to spend this on looking great and getting fit; it makes little sense.

• You can't do it on your own- Sure anyone can workout hard on their own once or twice but consistent hard work is necessary to get results- week after week, no excuses- you need someone there for you to, good days and bad.

• Because you can get the results you want in a fraction of the time and for the same money you'd pay out for a year's membership at the gym.

• Exercise can hurt you if done incorrectly- I will teach you the safe and correct techniques.

• Your long term health is the most important thing you can invest in- heart disease, diabetes and cancer are all linked to poor fitness and excess fat; this is where most people have their priorities wrong- one session a week could greatly reduce your risk, plus the healthy eating advice you gain will make a big difference!

• Gyms rip you off big time. They just want numbers through the door, most people end up paying even when they don't go (they call these their ideal members!)- cancel and they will try to charge you. Does that sound like they are looking after your best interests or theirs?

• The staff they employ to help you are on a minimum wage- they really want quality for you don't they?!!! The best staff will just leave.

• Also to lose weight or gain muscle you have to train hard and I mean very hard- cross trainers and cycling will just not cut it- you simply have to run or jog or power walk outside for fat loss- I have trained people both in the gym and out and have seen this happen over and over again.

• Most people find it hard to push themselves like they need to- you either find a committed very hard working training partner- very hard to find- or a personal trainer who knows what they are doing.

• The cost of a trainer- who will show you how to train hard and instill a relentless work ethic in you, for even just a couple of months, will be what you'd pay for a years gym membership- you won't ever need to set foot in a gym again if you don't want to with the knowledge you will learn from me.

• I only train COMMITTED PEOPLE with a hard work ethic- PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME by getting in touch if you have neither of these qualities- if you are one of the few who do have them, then you can look forward to celebrating your new look and fitness in no time at all!!

• You have no excuses- it's less than you'd pay for a night out and there are 24 hours in a day so you can make time if it is really important to you!

Did you know you can instantly look like you have lost a stone with improved posture?

I can show you how!



• Standard rate per hour session is £35, but can work out as little as £27.50 with discounts for block, multi-day/week bookings - please ask about these- they work out at great value! This will include a full nutritional analysis and up-to-date training programmes custom designed for you.

• Available to train you at your home, a park/outdoors, gym or business.

• Free  boot camps with each personal training session, worth a saving of £15!!

• Ask about GROUP PT SESSIONS, these are very popular- just a small group, less than 5, for just £5!

• Try a parent and toddler session- small group- no need for childcare- they can work out as cheap as just £4!

• A full nutritional consultation and activity analysis is £30

• Discounts are available for block bookings, loyalty, easy to travel to locations and some other additional considerations!

• I am available at most times to contact, if your find yourself in need of motivation, or just want to ask me any questions at all!

Please feel free to call at any time on 07972 775 428 or email if you need any more information!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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