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Area Worked

• Lower body

Muscles Worked

• Gluteus maximus, quadriceps, hamstrings and gastrocnemius

How To Perform Safely

Possibly the greatest exercise, this one will tone and develop the lower body like no other. It can help build over all body mass if done with progressively heavier weights. Great for fat loss as it will put your body in fat burning mode. Its also a must for improving sports performance in any sport thatuses the lower body.

• Stand with the barbell on the fleshy part of your neck, hold the bar with your arms bent at approximately 90 degrees.
• Stand up straight and lift the bar from the stands.
• Walk forward so that you are clear from the stands.
• With you feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed outwards inhale and squat downwards, keeping your knees in line with your hips and ankles. Bend you knees (flexion) to at least 90 degrees (so your thigh bone is parallel to the ground).
• Going all the way down to the ground will not damage your needs and will create better results.
• Imagine 'sitting back' into the exercise.

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• Then exhale and return to the starting position. Keep looking straight ahead and do not lock your knees.
• When finished return the weight to the stand in a reverse of the unracking.
• Do not lock the knees.
• Do not let spine bend forward, maintain it's natural curve
• Do not let the knees drift inwards
• Use your glutes and hamstrings todrive out of the lowest point
• Have your elbows forward
• Move as quick as you can on the upward part.
• Keep the movement smooth and controlled.


• Leg press
• Dumbell lunge

Increase weight and reps where appropriate.
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