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• Large muscle based activities- cycling walking, swimming etc.


• 3-7times a week


• 40-70% VO2 peak


• 20-60 minutes ( or several sessions of 10 minutes )


• 8-12repetitions
• 2days a week
• 1-3sets per exercise
• 8-10exercises


• Increase frequency
• Increase intensity
• Increase duration


• Avoid exercises that involve the Valsalva manoeuvre- do not hold your breath and strain or over grip the equipment

Other considerations

• Concentrate on neuromuscular development
• Deconditioned individual 40-50% VO2peak
• Total energy expenditure/ week- 300 kcals
• 2-3 flexibility sessions per week

Warning signs

• Weakness or numbness down one side
• Reduction of pain or temperature sensation
• Weakness in the face
• Severe headache or dizziness
• Problems talking and understanding others
• Problems with balance and coordination
Reduction in sensory or vibratory sensation
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