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• Lie face down; place your forehead on your hands, which should be face down. Stabilise your shoulders, imagine a V-shape, balancing a marble in the middle.

• Engage NS TVA and PF. Use lateral thoracic breathing.

• Inhale, then exhale and float one leg slightly upwards, keeping a length through the leg, spine and neck.

• Inhale, then glide the leg back down again.

• Imagine there is an egg shell under your belly; don't push into the ground with it.
• Keep extra tension from lumbar spine
• Keep extra tension from upper body
• Don't tense buttocks
• Don't move knee
• Don't rotate leg outwards

Release Stretch-Child pose

• Strengthens: Core and Lumbar spine

• 5-10 reps on each leg

• Muscles worked :

Hamstrings, Gluteals, Quadriceps, Trapezius
Transversus Abdominis ,Lumbar Multifidus, Internal Obliques
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