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The plank- Mark Hayward Personal Training Exeter

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The Plank

"An excellent stomach flattening exercise for the core muscles"

Personal trainer Devon

Lie face down on a mat, you spine neutral, forearms on the floor and elbows flexed to 90 degrees, knees slightly bent.

Lift you hips from the floor and slowly extend your knees.

Keep in the neutral spine position- hollow your abdominals; keep your TVA tensed and pelvic floor stable.

Hold for 30 seconds and then release, lowering back down to the mat.

Repeat once more.


• Do not round your back- keep shoulders relaxed and neutral
• Maintain neutral spine
• Keep neck neutral
• Imagine a straight line including your ear, shoulders, hips and knees
• Breathe naturally in an unforced manner

The side plank

"The ultimate love handle eliminator"

Lie on your side on a mat. Position your forearm on the floor. Your elbow should be bent and resting under your shoulder. Spine should be neutral.

Keeping the spine straight, exhale and lift your hip off the floor. Hold this position so your neck, spine, hips and knees are all in a straight line.

Hold for up to 30 seconds, then carefully lower back to the ground.

Rest and repeat once more.


• Keep spine neutral throughout
• Retract your shoulder blades during the movement
• Keep top hip aligned straight over the one underneath
• Your top foot should be resting directly on the one underneath
• Breathe normally, in a non forced manner

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