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Why jogging is good | Mark Hayward Personal Training, Exeter

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Why jogging is good

I have noticed over the years that jogging outside has produced better results for both my clients and I than any other type of aerobic activity. Sure the rowing machine is very good but it doesn't quite get the out of breath, natural exhaustion, that jogging bestows. Not too mention the superior fat burning effects- even at a lower intensity.

You will hear a many times someone saying that jogging is bad and it will hurt you knees.

These same naysayers will also tell you that if you have to jog then jog on grass.

Show me someone who thinks running on grass is easier and I will show you a fat person who hasn't run since they were in year 10. The uneven ground marks it out as dangerous for a start.

Get yourself a good pair of running trainers and learn correct technique from an experienced runner and you can't go wrong ( visit one of these shops where they test your running style if you must- but please be aware it'll make little difference to you other than in your wallet)

Here are a few more good reasons that jogging is a superior form of aerobic exercise:

1. No special equipment required.
2. It can be done outside- plenty of fresh unlike a gym.
3. It is a weight bearing exercise, unlike cycling or swimming. This alters its effect on the body.
4. In general, it burns more calories than cycling or swimming.
5. It is the vigorous activity humans are most suited for, and most people respond well to it.

6. Easy to do interval style training- sprint then jog.
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