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Weight loss
Okay a little misleading maybe, but there is a diet where you can eat everything you want. You just have to eat only when you’re hungry and stop when when you begin getting full.

It is called intuitive eating and it's a positive, healthy way to look at food instead of looking at dieting as hardship and deprivation. It is the ultimate way to eat a calorie controlled diet with ut even knowing you're doing so

Forget about the word" diet"

Diets set boundaries about what you can and can't eat. Intuitive eating says that you are the person best able to tell you that information—unlike diets, no foods are off limits when you eat intuitively ea It involves not excluding foods and allows you to take control of your body finally ridding you of the idea that you haven't found or don't have the will power to stick to a diet.

If you're hungry then eat!

Hunger is there to tell you that you should eat soon. Have something as quick as you can when the hunger feeling kicks in, don't wait until you get ravenous and pig out. Get attuned to how you feel, it may not be easy at first but you will soon get the hang of it with practice.

Don't make any foods off limits

You'd be surprised, but just knowing that you're allowed the cake you have just seen in the shop window will be less likely to make you buy it and eat it. Banning foods outright can lead to uncontrollable urges and overeating (try this if you're trying to quit smoking too). Be at one with all food by giving yourself unconditional permission to eat.Your weight will come down and stay where you want it instead of constantly yo yo-ing.

No food is bad

Stop thinking of food as good or bad (and labeling yourself good or bad for what you eat). Eliminate all judgement from eating and you will be well on your way to eating intuitively.

Stop when you're full

An easy one this. Eat slower, chew your food and stop when you feel it pushing on your stomach wall. Wait a few minutes and you will no longer wish to finish the plate. Come back in a couple of hours and finish it if you wish. You will save a few hundred calories a day with this simple change. There really is no need to eat until you can't get up from the table, it is ultimately pointless and will just make you fat!

Comfort eating leads to more unhappiness

By getting getting fatter that is. So its a silly thing to do. While eating should be enjoyable, don't let it be your main source of comfort. Think of other ways to cope with your negative feelings like anxiety, loneliness, boredom and anger, that are not food-related. Go for a walk, call a friend, write down how you feel, go to the gym. Look for new ideas to deal with feelings that don’t involve eating. Break the bad habit cycle once and for all!

Respect your body

Don't have unrealistic expectations. Everyone is the same in how there bodies react to diet and exercise. No one looks like the models in the magazines, not even those in the pictures! Starvation, airbrushing, vanity, fat burning drugs, obsession and ultimately unhappiness rule the lives of these people. You could look as good if you wanted but do you really want these negative qualities in your life. I don't think so.

Exercise—to feel good!

If you’re exercising purely to burn calories, then you will soon get bored. Exercise is essential for your health—burning calories is just a welcome side effect—the more you enjoy it the more likely you are to do it. If you don't like going to the gym you could try walking, jogging dancing, bike riding, rock climbing, canoeing the list is endless.

Put your health first

I always feel slightly alarmed when a new client says to me they are solely concerned about how they look. Their health is way down on the list of things that matter to them.
Working with with cardiac patients I know only too well the value of good health and it is amazing the body can take so much abuse before problems become apparent. And problems they are when they surface. Diabetes is a huge killer in the UK yet most don't fear it or give it much though.
So get used to feeling good by eating vital food, and do this by eating healthy, for the most part anyway. Just make sure you get your 5 a day fruit and veg, sufficient protein and you can't go far wrong.

Remember eat only when you're hungry and and stop when you begin to feel full. Be intuitive.

Mark Hayward Personal Trainer, Exeter, Aylesbury
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